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Rik Law is a keen and avid Bushcrafter - Wild Camper. Rik Law is an Ex Soldier who served in many flash points around the globe. He watched some videos hosted on YouTube by a really nice chap called Adrian Rose - Founder of North West Bushcraft. These videos have motived and inspired Rik Law to get out under the stars again.

Rik Law - "I spent alot of time whilst serving in Her Madjesty's Armed Forces in the great outdoors living on the land, using what tools were around me. I have watched TV programmes Such as Bear Grills and Ray Mears. (Legends in their own right). I thought about getting my kit on and getting out there but never did.

Adrian Rose made me realise;

"Its on your doorstep. Not on the idiot box (T.V.) or in far flung regions of the world. Real BRITISH Bushcraft and the skills you need are simply out the front door."

Cheers Adrian Rose."

RikLawPhotography is proud to annouce that in 2014 he will be working along side North West Bushcraft founded by Aidrian Rose.

Adrain Rose's Knowledge of Bushcraft is second to none. Having been passed down by generations from his Romany Gypsy ancestors.

If you are interested in Wild Camping or Bushcraft you need to visit

www. northwestbushcraft .co . uk or simply click the banner to Right --------------------------->


The Northwest Bushcraft Website is 100% Free and always will be :-D

There are no adverts at all, no buttons that ask you to make a donation and there is no Google Adsense plug-ins that bombard you with targeted products. 

This is a F*R*E*E resource by bushcrafters for bushcrafters and for people wtih an interest in Bushcraft!!

A confession from Rik Law

"I should not do this, but me being me and I know Ade will be like "Oi! it's a secret" But hay ho i'll let the cat out of the bag. I'm quite excited to be part of this. Next year 2014 Aidrian Rose founder of Northwest Bushcraft will be writing his long awaited Bushcraft and Wild Foraging book. And I will be the honored photographer."